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Auspac Distribution offers a range of unique products in the building/construction industry and the IoT space, allowing our customers to get quality and cost-effective solutions for their projects.

Among our flagship product range, we offer a selection of products from Lauxes Grates, which is one of Europe Australasia’s most exclusive brands on the market offering versatile indoor/outdoor drainage solutions. Auspac also provides industrial/commercial solutions for the safe and efficient operation of pumps and fans in a variety of industries.

Our expanding distribution network is worldwide with locations in Germany, Poland, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Disclaimer: All our Lauxes products have been customised and developed to the highest level and are certified under the Watermark Certification Scheme in accordance with the Australian Technical Specifications 5200.040.

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With our Head Office located in Perth, Australia, we have additional operations Australia wide and out expanding distribution network is worldwide with other locations, such as Germany, Poland, UK, and Canada.  

Our team have in-depth knowledge of our product range and can advise you on the best solutions to suit your requirements.