IOT Solutions

IoT, or Internet of Things is a system of interrelated devices, machines, objects, animals or people. These are provided with unique identifiers and the ability communicate and transfer data over a network without requiring human interaction. The technology enables businesses to increase productivity and efficiency by enabling new levels of automation, monitoring and security. With more communication and data provided in IoT, businesses can improve their decision-making capabilities and increase their value immensely.

AUSPAC Distribution wants to empower businesses to get the best out of IoT and emerging technologies, and are proud to provide products that enable them to.

The lack of lubrication is one of the main contributors to bearing failure when it comes to rotation-based mechanical systems. The resulting equipment failure causes unplanned outages and production loss, further leading to financial implications. Optimal lubrication heath is necessary and leads toward reliable operations and improved maintenance. Grease Alerter provides the solution to reduce your risk.

Grease Alerter offers:

  • Ability to log and track grease dispensed to individual bearings
  • Reports the volume of grease applied (at configurable intervals) to individual bearings
  • Enables corrective action initiation when behaviour is deviating from set target thresholds.

Grease Alerter is an IoT device that harnesses the latest technology for data connectivity with you preferred cloud solution, with self-managed applications or SaaS (Software as a Service).

Building and Construction

Auspac Distribution provides unique offerings to a variety of markets and industries, currently offering a selection of products for building/construction.

We are proud suppliers of Lauxes Grates, one of the UK’s, Australia’s and New Zealand’s most exclusive products on the market offering versatile indoor/outdoor drainage solutions. Lauxes Grates is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most exclusive designers and manufacturers of versatile linear indoor/outdoor drainage solutions.

Drainage Grates

Aesthetically appealing and practical, Lauxes Grates provide elegant water drainage solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. Available in standard, next generation or tile insert styles, our grates come in a range of depths and widths, ideal for showers, bathrooms, balconies, pools and much more.

Our skilled team of industry professionals are happy to answer any questions or provide options for any type of application/install. We understand that square pegs don’t fit into round holes, which is why we developed a product designed by trade, for trade, as a problem solver for you.


As an industry leader, Lauxes Grates has received some pretty grate awards over the past few years! These include ProTrade United awards for categories such as, Team Leadership, Student Engagement, Business of the Year and Manufacturing as well as the annual Gold Coast Business Excellence Award 2020 for Retail, Wholesale & Distribution.

Grate Accessories

Lauxes Grates sells a large range of accessories, made especially for our versatile grates. Whether you’re needing end caps, waste outlets or joiners, we have it all. Compliant with national regulations and with options to suit most types of plumbing and building, our accessories have been made with top quality materials.

Hole Saw

Pop Wastes


End Caps


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